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The NDi System

We believe that in today's turbulent conditions a regular person needs to take some personal control in the area of investing.



    It is been a very difficult task to bring 100% automation to trading, but we feel we have developed a product that will perform in the varied market conditions.

    Stay at home and be in charge

    The NDi system 'does' require some work and learning on your part, initially, but the long term gains and satisfaction, we feel, are worth it.
  • Return on Investment!
  • Are you happy with the returns from your 401k? your savings account? Your metals going up?


Every Person's Goal is Different

For those who have larger accounts and the desire to really get involved during the trading day, it is possible to increase the number of contracts traded.

All trading is relative. A person trading 1 contract with a $3,000 minimum account size or a person trading 10 contracts with a $30,000 account size.

The rules, targets, stoploss and the like all remain the same.

  • Gone are the days of decent ROI
  • Stock market is way too volatile
  • Geo-Political events dictate prices
  • DIY investing is a new way to trade