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NDi System Overview

NDi software runs on your computer, automatically trading the eMini S&P 500 futures contract
NDi trades in both up and down trending markets - It will take trades short in down markets
Just a few steps, seen below, get you up and running
Select a broker
Select Your Futures Broker
A brokerage is a requirement for trading in the markets. The broker supplies you with the trading platform.
Easily installed on your computer and downloaded from Sierra's website, these charts power the data going to the NDi software. See the charts...
Sierra Charts
The NDi AutoTrader receives data from the charts and generates the trading signals, which are then automatically placed into the platform and then managed automatically, according to your settings.
Please take your time (means don't rush) and go thru the Online Support files.
Help Files

Enjoy your free trial period. Learn the software and study the signals.
You can trade in a simulation account as long as you want.
Remember, you are taking charge at this point, there will be an investment in time.


  • Open a trial account with the brokerage
  • Setup Sierra Charts and Broker
  • Install/Setup NDi Auto Trader
  • Enjoy the NDi 21 day Free Trial
  • Start out in simulation - no $$ risk
  • Follow and study all signals
  • Learn the software and system
  • Fund a live account
  • Initially trade small then advance
Sample Signal Output: