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NDi Software Downloads

2 NDi downloads are required - 1) AutoTrader 2) NewDayInvestor.cht (chartbook for Sierra Charts)
Allow 24 hours for licensing after you send us your contact letter requesting the Free Trial
After your free trial, you must purchase using Paypal to continue using AutoTrader
NDi fees do not include any charges from your broker or charting package

Select a broker
Download AutoTrader Software
Double-click on install file: NDI.msi
After install, a desktop shortcut will be there
Next step is licensing and settings...
Download NewDayInvestor.cht

Save this file to this folder:

Purchase with Paypal

Fees: $985 - lifetime license - ES

Enjoy your free trial period. Learn the software and study the signals.
You can trade in a simulation account as long as you want.
Use free trial time wisely. No refunds after purchase.


CompLok: Software to protect a stolen PC or laptop
StoneWallMail: Super encrypted messaging system for the PC

Trial and Purchase Details:
  • Free Trial is 21 days
  • Go to: Help > Licensing...
  • Study and perform settings
  • Install Broker platform
  • Install Sierra Charts
  • Follow and study all signals
  • Learn the software and system
  • Fund a live account
  • Initially trade small then advance
Daily Startup Routine:

1) Start Sierra Charts
2) Start Broker Platform
3) Start AutoTrader
4) Confirm settings
5) Press AT:OFF to ON
6) Can start the night before
7) AutoTrader will 'kick in' at your start time